Trump Can Still Win Election Without Courts

2020 presidential debate biden vs trump
First 2020 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

The campaign for President Donald Trump and independent attorneys fighting against the 2020 presidential election results have not had much luck, but they have another plan that could work.

The campaign has begun looking to the Republican state legislatures in some important states to discard the reported vote totals and send pro-Trump electors to the Electoral College.

On Friday, Republican legislators in the state filed a resolution to dispute the 2020 election results which could be a major step in having something unprecedented happen, CBS Pittsburgh reported.

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The resolution intends to declare the 2020 election results as being “in dispute,” delay the certification of votes from Pennsylvania for both the state and presidential races, and asks for the U.S. Congress to also declare the 2020 presidential race to be in dispute.

The legislators contend that a multitude of factors put the election results in a dispute, including the extension of the mail-in ballot deadline and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s ruling that loosened restrictions regarding signature authentication. They also accuse Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar of certifying the results of the election “prematurely… despite ongoing litigation.”

The resolution does not explicitly state how electors would be decided on but it is up to the legislature to determine what electors are sent to the Electoral College.

It is sponsored by Rep. Russ Diamond, Rep. Eric R. Nelson, Rep. Paul Schemel, Rep. Greg Rothman, Rep. Francis X. Ryan, Rep. Dawn W. Keefer, Rep. Mike Jones, Rep. David H. Rowe, Rep. Michael J. Puskaric, Rep. Barbara Gleim, Rep. Bud Cook, Rep. Cris Dush, Rep. Stephanie Borowicz, Rep. David H. Zimmerman, Rep. Daryl D. Metcalfe, Rep. David M. Maloney, Sr., Rep. Dan Moul, Rep. Brad Roae, Rep. Kathy L. Rapp, Rep. Jim Cox, Rep. Rob W. Kauffman, Rep. Matthew Dowling, Rep. Eric Davanzo, Rep. Rich Irvin, Aaron Berstine and Rep. Andrew Lewis.

“It’s kind of a hail Mary when there’s no time left on the clock,” Lieutenant Governor Jon Fetterman said last week.

The Lt. Governor claimed that if the election was not certified by Monday, November 30 there would be no members of the House of Representatives and half of the Senate would disappear because their terms would expire.

“Not having a Pennsylvania House of Representatives would be highly unhelpful to basic governance in Pennsylvania,” he said.

In Wisconsin a conservative group named the Wisconsin Voters Alliance has filed a lawsuit with the state Supreme Court to disregard the state’s reported election results and have the legislature decide which electors to pick, The Milwaukee Independent reported.

“In elections other than the election of Presidential electors, the Court could order a second election,” the suit said. “However, because the Presidential electors must be selected by December 14, 2020, there is not sufficient time to conduct such an election.”

“However,” it said, “Because the State Legislature retains plenary authority to select the Presidential electors, the Court can order that the State Legislature has the authority to select the Presidential electors by doing what State Legislatures did at the founding of our Republic – convene a session of the legislature and select the Presidential electors themselves.”

The state legislatures selecting electors would be an unprecedented move in an unprecedented year for an unprecedented election.

There is no way to know how these situations will be decided but one thing is for certain. The election turmoil is not done.


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