Trump Considering Economy-Focused COVID-19 Task Force


The United States economy has suffered extensive hits in recent weeks alone. Attempts to crack down on COVID-19 have prompted numerous compulsory orders for Americans to shelter-in-place and stay at home. These orders have forced businesses to close their doors, hence mounting unemployment and putting at least ten million people out of work.

There’s no denying that our nation cannot go on like this. We cannot have weeks and months of shutdowns, contrary to what some people might believe. Having millions of people out of work isn’t good and the adverse consequences are already showing. Since shelter-in-place orders, auto crimes have increased, along with business burglaries, and 6.6 million Americans filing for unemployment.

Thankfully, a new announcement from President Trump indicates that there might be some light at the end of the tunnel. On Saturday, the president positively responded to the idea of a second coronavirus task force designed to reopen the economy.

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Assessing an Economy-Focused COVID-19 Task Force

President Trump has consistently maintained that the cure to coronavirus cannot be worse than the problem itself. Talk about a second, economic-focused task force occurred when the president praised Fox News host Dana Perino for the suggestion via tweet.

In Perino’s post, she suggested a healthy blend of apolitical or bipartisan experts to give valuable insight into restarting the economy. This suggestion comes at a great time; with millions of Americans out of work and talk about shelter-in-place orders lasting through June in some cases, an economic failsafe is deeply paramount.

See for yourself:

This approach caught the attention of the president who praised it as a “good idea” on his own Twitter feed:

A Lifeline for the Economy

At this point, an economic-focused coronavirus task force would serve as a lifeline to our nation. With so many Americans out of work, the flaws of merely sheltering-in-place continue to increase in obviousness.

The president himself maintains that our nation can’t be shut down forever and he is correct. An ongoing closure of businesses, increased numbers of impoverished Americans, and heightened crimes are only the beginning of what’s to come if drastic measures aren’t taken to save this nation’s economy.

Furthermore, the health of our nation’s economy shares direct links to the health of the American people.