Mainstream Media Under Fire for Stoking COVID-19 Panic


Many Americans across the nation are experiencing panic, hysteria, and other forms of distress over coronavirus. To make matters worse, cities and states across the nation have chosen to shut down, hence forcing millions of U.S. workers into joblessness.

The problems with coronavirus don’t stop there, though. A fair amount of people have issues with the mainstream media and their chosen manner of reporting COVID-19. A very popular opinion states that sensationalized headlines and rhetoric are only making matters worse.

This is a sentiment shared by Dr. Drew Pinsky on Friday, as reported by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

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Dr. Pinsky on the Mainstream Media and COVID-19

During a sitdown with The Pat McAfee Show, the doctor clearly stated his position. Pinsky first acknowledged that the mainstream media needs to “shut up.” Shortly thereafter, the doctor explained that the media is “spinning” coronavirus in a manner that doesn’t sit well with him.

In Pinsky’s own words:

“So, shut up, because you are only going to panic people. They ensued, and are continuing to spin this thing in ways I think are disturbing.” 

Then, Dr. Pinsky explained that America should be “congratulating ourselves” for sacrifices and efforts made. Ultimately, the doctor explained that coronavirus is slowing down and remarked that “whipping up further panic and chaos” doesn’t do any good.

Towards the end of his remarks on The Pat McAfee Show, Pinksy pointed out the importance of data before citing drugs like hydroxychloroquine as treatment.

The Importance of Decreasing COVID-19 Panic

At this time, lessening panic linked to coronavirus is more imperative than ever. Right now, millions of Americans are out of jobs, while millions more are seeking unemployment benefits from the government. Despite the recently-passed COVID-19 stimulus bill, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has warned that “glitches” will occur during the bill’s implementation.

One of the best ways to decrease coronavirus panic in America is the provision of fair and balanced coverage. This means noting recoveries from coronavirus, not just deaths linked to the virus. Only reporting COVID-19 deaths while remaining virtually silent about recoveries creates an inaccurate illusion of a worse situation than there is.