Mainstream Media Under Fire for Stoking COVID-19 Panic


Many Americans across the nation are experiencing panic, hysteria, and other forms of distress over coronavirus. To make matters worse, cities and states across the nation have chosen to shut down, hence forcing millions of U.S. workers into joblessness.

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The problems with coronavirus don’t stop there, though. A fair amount of people have issues with the mainstream media and their chosen manner of reporting COVID-19. A very popular opinion states that sensationalized headlines and rhetoric are only making matters worse.

This is a sentiment shared by Dr. Drew Pinsky on Friday, as reported by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Dr. Pinsky on the Mainstream Media and COVID-19

During a sitdown with The Pat McAfee Show, the doctor clearly stated his position. Pinsky first acknowledged that the mainstream media needs to “shut up.” Shortly thereafter, the doctor explained that the media is “spinning” coronavirus in a manner that doesn’t sit well with him.

In Pinsky’s own words:

“So, shut up, because you are only going to panic people. They ensued, and are continuing to spin this thing in ways I think are disturbing.”