Trump Decries New York Civil Fraud Trial Verdict as “Witch Hunt”



He went further, branding Judge Engoron as “crooked” in a series of posts following the court’s decision. Alina Habba echoed similar sentiments, expressing outrage over what she deemed a “manifest injustice” resulting from a prolonged politically motivated pursuit against her client.

Habba also emphasized that New York Attorney General Letitia James, promised to prosecute Trump on anything she could in order to get elected.

  The trial, spanning several months in New York Superior Court, found Trump, his sons Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr, and former Trump Organization executives liable for misrepresenting financial statements. And alleged they used the statements to obtain favorable treatment from financial institutions.

Unprecedented Fines 

 As a consequence, they have been ordered to pay over $350 million in damages. And this is a victimless crime where no one lost any money.

The Judge also prohibited Trump from holding leadership positions in any New York company, including his own organization.