Trump Decries New York Civil Fraud Trial Verdict as “Witch Hunt”


Judge Engoron criticized the defendants’ lack of contrition and remorse, describing it as “bordering on pathological.”

He also mandated the appointment of an independent monitor to oversee the Trump Organization.

The ruling came as no surprise, since  Engoron determined Trump’s guilt on the initial charges before the trial commenced.


Trump’s lawyer emphasized their intent to appeal the decision.  

Alina Habba’s pessimism about the trial’s outcome was evident earlier in the week when she expressed doubts to Newsmax. And said she did not harbor high hopes for a favorable verdict. Nevertheless, she vowed to continue fighting vigorously on behalf of her client.

In addition to the legal ramifications, the verdict and ensuing controversy surrounding it are likely to have significant implications for Trump’s future endeavors, particularly in New York’s business landscape.