Trump, DHS, Internet Security Industry Urge Everyone To Be Cyber Smart


Erin Shepley, the team leader for NCSAM at CISA said the theme for this year’s campaign is “Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT.”  As part of the campaign, the agency released a NCSAM tool kit that included a trivia games to help people increase their knowledge about cybersecurity.

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During a recent interview with Federal News Network, Shepley explained that the tool kit is great for those who need to understand the best steps to secure their data.

CISA Director Christopher Krebbs, said, “Every one of us has a seemingly ever-expanding digital footprint – across a range of devices and accounts, at home, at work, or at school and locking down that footprint is a never-ending job.”

He added that their goal is to “raise our collective security to the next level” by focusing on a handful of simple steps” everyone can take and use.

Meanwhile, NCSA Executive Director Kevin Coleman, commented, “As cyberattacks are becoming more common, NCSAM is a great opportunity for businesses to enhance their commitment to cybersecurity with their employees and customers.”