Trump Drops Lawsuit, Daniels Doesn’t


Essential Consultants also said that it would not pursue private arbitration with Daniels. They do, however, want Daniels to repay the $130,000 they gave her.

Daniels Pursuing Suit

Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, said that he and his client will not drop their lawsuit. Besides suing to invalidate the NDA, they are suing for defamation. Avenatti has said that he wants to force Trump to give sworn testimony about his knowledge of the hush money payment.

“We are tired of the constant delays and games being played,” he said. “We want these depositions as soon as possible.”

Whether Avenatti will get the chance to demand those depositions, however, is up to the judge reviewing Harder’s filing. The judge could see that both sides are now rescinding the NDA, making it a moot point. If the judge dismisses the case, it will be much more difficult for Avenatti to get Trump to testify.