Trump eviction moratorium keeps millions of Americans in their homes 


It is a good stop-gap measure until Congress and the White House can agree on another COVID-19 relief bill.

Evictions for reasons other than nonpayment of rent will be allowed to proceed. If a lease term expires or if a tenant is in default of the lease they can still be evicted.

The CDC order works with existing state legislation. Some states already have generous protections and they would remain in place. Others, like the rent moratorium in New York, that’s set to expire Oct. 1, would be extended. 

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This rent eviction moratorium will be welcome news to the tenants who live in 34 states that have no coronavirus related renter protections.

Landlords are still concerned that a sweeping eviction moratorium does not address tenants’ core financial needs nor does it fix the underlying financial pressures and obligations of rental-property owners.

How is it going to be enforced?

Enforcement would be “Federal authorities and cooperating State and local authorities,” working together, according to the CDC order.