Trump to Let ZTE Back in the American Market


Donald Trump stated that he is going to help a telecommunications company from China get back into business. According to him, too many jobs in China are at risk because America cut their access to key distributors.

ZTE Corporation was blocked last month by the United States’ Commerce Department. ZTE is a company based in southern China and is a major supplier of smartphones and telecom networks. The company was banned from importing components into America for seven years.

What Will Happen to the Company?

ZTE is a company that employs more than 70,000 people. It supplied the biggest telecommunication companies in the world. The company announced in early May that they stopped main operations because of the Department’s denial order.

Trump stated in a tweet that he is working together with Xi Jinping, the Chinese leader, to help ZTE to get back into the business. And he wants to do it fast. He also wrote that too many jobs were lost in China and that he instructed the Commerce Department to change their decision.

It is not clear, however, what Trump is thinking to do with ZTE.

China Welcoming Trump’s Comments

On Monday, China gladly welcomed the President’s comments. Lu Kang, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry, said that they have high expectations. Also, Liu He, the Vice Premier, is going to visit the U.S. from Tuesday to Saturday. He will consult with Steve Mnuchin, U.S. Treasury Secretary.


But the top Democrat on the intelligence committee, Adam Schiff, criticizes Trump for his statements about ZTE . He wrote in a tweet that America’s intelligence agencies warned that ZTE phones and technology pose major cybersecurity threats. He thinks that Trump should care less about the Chinese jobs and more about America’s national security.

Questions from the American People:

What is America’s global responsibility, if any, in aiding the economy of other countries?

Will ZTE employ greater security measures in their devices after the temporary ban?