How to Move North Korea to Denuclearization and Prosperity

Mike Pompeo meeting Kim Jong Un

The United States is offering assurances to Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, as it seeks to make a nuclear deal at the upcoming meeting between President Donald Trump and the North Korean Leader.

Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State, stated that the United States will need to come up with security assurances to the North Korean leader for the agreement move forward. Pompeo met with Kim Jong Un last week in North Korea to set the stage for a historic meeting of Kim and Trump in Singapore on June 12.

America’s Interest

North Korea stated that the country needs nuclear weapons to defend from what the country believes are U.S. efforts to overthrow the Kim government and to kill its economy.

Pompeo, however, said that the only interest America has is preventing the risk of a potential nuclear bomb launch into Denver, Los Angeles, or Washington. He also said that that’s the U.S.’ main objective. The reason for his mission when he went to North Korea last week to position the U.S. to achieve that goal.

North Korea Preparing for the Summit

On Saturday, North Korea announced that they will destroy all tunnels at the nuclear test site in the northeast of the country in less than 14 days, before Kim’s meeting with Trump. Research and observation facilities, as well as the ground-based guard units,  will also be removed, according to North Korea’s statement.

Pompeo praises these moves.

Denuclearization Process

The President’s national security adviser, John Bolton, explained the steps that North Korea is going to need to take to achieve denuclearization.

Bolton said that no one believes that the ending of the nuclear program will be signed in one day, but that the U.S. should try to achieve the nuclear accord as soon as possible.

In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Bolton said that North Korea should not ask the U.S. for any economic aid. He thinks that the main goal should be making North Korea a normal nation. They should interact and behave with the rest of the world as South Korea does.

Questions from the American People:

Does North Korea have legitimate fears against the U.S or other nations?

Should the U.S. give economic aid to North Korea to encourage them to join the world economy?