Trump Testifies He Stands By Carroll Denial

Trump Testifies He Stands By Carroll Denial

Former President Donald Trump stood resolute Thursday as he faced the intense scrutiny of E. Jean Carroll’s relentless pursuit for justice in her second defamation trial. Asserting his stance with unwavering conviction, Trump, in a brief but pivotal moment, declared to a captivated Manhattan federal jury that he unequivocally “100%” maintains his denial of assaulting the esteemed writer.

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Limited Testimony Amidst Rigorous Oversight

In a courtroom ambiance crackling with anticipation, U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan, acting as the vigilant guardian of legal decorum, granted Trump a fleeting moment on the stand. However, this opportunity was cloaked in strict conditions, with Judge Kaplan imposing stringent boundaries, confining Trump’s discourse to a mere trifecta of yes-or-no interrogations meticulously crafted by his legal counsel, Alina Habba.

Trump Testifies He Stands By Carroll Denial :Guarded Declarations

“Do you stand by your testimony in the deposition?” queried Habba, as the air hung heavy with suspense.