Black Amtrak Conductor Rejected From Union Jobs

Black Amtrak Conductor Rejected From Union Jobs

Carol Jones, a seasoned Black Amtrak conductor, has filed a lawsuit alleging she was repeatedly sidelined from committee assignments by her union in favor of less experienced white men. The suit, filed in Connecticut federal court, paints a picture of race, gender, and age discrimination within the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, and Transportation Workers-Transportation Division (SMART-TD).

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Discrimination Claims and Harassment Allegations

Jones, who has been actively involved in her union since 2008, asserts that despite her leadership role within the union, she has been consistently denied positions on Amtrak’s Railroad Committee. She accuses Francis Ariola, the general chair of her SMART-TD General Committee of Adjustment, of favoring white men for committee roles, even when they have less experience than her.

Moreover, Jones claims that Ariola subjected her to harassment and undermined her authority within the union. Despite reporting Ariola’s behavior to Amtrak, no action was taken, forcing Jones to take a medical leave of absence to escape further mistreatment.

Black Amtrak Conductor Rejected From Union Jobs : Challenges and Obstacles Faced

Jones, who made history as the first Black female railroad conductor to hold a chair position in the country, faced increasing marginalization after Ariola assumed the role of general chair. Responsibilities were stripped from her, and access to essential resources within the union was denied, hindering her ability to perform her duties effectively.