Trump’s Revised Travel Ban



On Monday, March 6, President Trump signed another executive order to deal with immigration from Muslim-majority nations much like the first. This one is intended to curtail the most incendiary features of the first, which drew more backlash from American citizens and the judicial system than any other action the President has taken since his inauguration. Despite this, among the most divergent distinctions this revision carries that separate it from the first is the fact that it was signed without the press corps or any media affiliates present. With no photo op, it was done quietly, yet it has ultimately received the same loud criticisms that the first received.

The original ban was most commonly referred to by proponents and opposition as the “Muslim ban,” yet this new executive order is being dubbed a “travel ban.” The original incurred a lawsuit from the state of Washington, and Seattle Judge James Robart presided over the case, finding that the Muslim ban was unconstitutional. As such, his ruling was that a restraining order be placed on the ban itself, which halted the effects of the Muslim ban nationwide.

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