Tucker Carlson Highlights Need to Save Jobs Amidst Coronavirus


The Fox News host shed light on the reality that “millions and billions of people” will lose jobs if all public spaces, such as restaurants, airlines, movie theaters, bars, etc., close until coronavirus passes. Furthermore, some of these job losses would be permanent. Therefore, Carlson declared saving jobs while also combatting COVID-19 as the “real imperative.”

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In his own words:

“The real imperative right now is saving jobs. […] Massive parts of our economy could see their income drop to zero and not come back.”

When wrapping up last night’s segment, Tucker Carlson did propose an amicable solution. His recommended solution entailed a German-based employment program that lessens hours of workers. Moreover, this program allows employees to return to their jobs after scrapped or reduced hours.

Tackling Coronavirus in the Days and Weeks to Come

As always, Americans should adhere to reasonable precautions advised by healthcare professionals. Practicing good hygiene, frequent handwashing, and remaining home when sick are a few examples. Furthermore exists the encouragement of social distancing and steering clear of gatherings with more than ten people.