Tulsi Gabbard Discusses Iran Tensions with Tucker Carlson


Gabbard then went on to state that she views current tensions with Iran as troublesome. The 2020 Democrat explained that Americans she speaks with on the campaign trails are eager to end regime change wars; moreover, Gabbard told Carlson that she views President Trump’s current actions as a threat to national security.

In Gabbard’s own words:

“President Trump’s actions are actually undermining our national security in two important ways. Our troops are no longer being able to focus on that mission of preventing ISIS from getting a resurgence. It’s creating an opening for ISIS and al Qaeda to reconstitute themselves and to pose a threat to our forces, to our country and the people in the region.”

Shortly thereafter, Gabbard professed that Iran isn’t cooperating with prohibitions within the nuclear Iran agreement. The 2020 Democrat also warned about Iran’s development of nuclear weapons capability; in pointing this out, she noted that this development can engender risk and danger for the allies of the U.S.

More on Gabbard’s Response to the Death of Soleimani

Tulsi Gabbard has maintained criticism of President Trump’s foreign policy actions since the death of Soleimani. In doing so, she opined that the airstrike that killed the Iranian terrorist could set off a chain of events leading to war with Iran.