OPINION: Progressives Are Liars When They Claim to Want Opportunity for All


Time and time again, progressives tout the bogus narrative of fighting for the working-class and for everyday Americans.

The left demonizes Republicans and conservative values such as hard work and personal responsibility, while directly and indirectly asserting that certain groups are incapable of living up to these values. Such an outlook is not only inaccurate, but also speaks to the very real bigotry of low expectations.

Of all the lies that progressives tell, the biggest one of all is their supposed interest in wanting opportunity for all Americans. This is a lie and if you listen to progressives often and closely enough, you’ll see that they frequently talk from both sides of their mouths.

Why Progressives Don’t Really Want Opportunity for All Americans

Progressives don’t want opportunity for all Americans because they consistently demonize economic success and prosperity. The same folks who claim to want a “level playing field” ongoingly demonize and badmouth those who have achieved wealth, success, and status.