Sleep Walker Shot, banned from Amazon, receives FDA warning


Health Alert! Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Sleepwalker – Allegedly Contains Deadly Chemical Phenibut
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One of the newest energy shots in the USA is a brand named Sleep Walker.    Selling for as high as $6.99 per drink, over double the price of other leading brands, Sleepwalker has quickly turned into a product that both teenagers and adults use.

What is the magic about Sleepwalker that enables it to sell for twice the price of other leading energy shots?    According to the FDA’s warning letter to Jeremy Nickels, owner of parent company Red Dawn Energy, Sleepwalker is placing “phenibut” in its products.

The designer drug phenibut, often marketed as a dietary supplement that can reduce anxiety, is not approved by the FDA for sale in dietary supplements.  Sales of phenibut could lead to legal actions in the US as it is a highly addictive synthetic substance that is reported to have serious side effects in its users.