OPINION: Progressives Are Liars When They Claim to Want Opportunity for All


How many times has Elizabeth Warren called to “tax the wealthy?” How many times has Bernie Sanders pushed the narrative that individuals who make it in life are beholden to those who haven’t? Worse yet, Sanders, Warren, and other progressives strive to weaponize the government against people who made the most of their opportunities and achieved prosperity.

Now, from a political strategy standpoint, claiming to want opportunity for all Americans is great. It wins votes, attracts people who feel powerless in life, and moreover allows progressives to paint themselves as heroes. Upon closer inspection, however, the rhetoric doesn’t mesh with the policies that progressives advocate for.

Progressives know it and conservatives definitely know it. The only folks who remain unaware of this are those with blind loyalty to the left. Sadly, Democrats have conditioned many people to believe that anyone who even leans slightly right-of-center is evil.

Why Conservative Values Align with Opportunity

Conservative principles, values, and outlooks on life are in greatest alignment with the securement of opportunity. Hard work pays off; this reality has proven itself time and time again, in countless ways. Likewise, personal responsibility ensures that individuals avoid situations which can threaten their opportunities or land them into trouble.