Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey donates $15 million to help launch guaranteed income programs for the needy


On the other hand, Los Mayor Garcetti commented that the funding provided by Dorsey is a “testament to the momentum” of MGI and its goal. He added that it is also a “tribute to a simple, yet innovative idea: that offering direct aid to struggling families translates into greater security for our economy, stability for our communities, and peace of mind for households across our cities.”

Garcetti is a member of the executive committee of MGI.

Meanwhile, one of the beneficiaries of the guaranteed income program in Stockton, Laura Kidd-Plummer, said, “I’m breathing a sigh of relief at this point because without being with SEED or being a participant, I don’t think I’d be sitting in this chair right now.”

In a tweet, Dorsey expressed gratitude to the U.S. mayors for “these universal income pilots!”