U.S. Offers $5 Million Reward for the Arrest of Venezuela’s Cryptocurrency Chief


He allegedly coordinated travel for OFAC-sanctioned individuals and officials of the Government of Venezuela during the re-election campaign of President Nicolas Maduro. Additionally, he allegedly conspired with others to launder payments for the above illegal actions through bulk cash smuggling Caracas, Venezuela to New York, NY.

The U. S. Department of State made the $5 million reward offer under its Transnational Organized Crime Rewards Program to stop the corruption and criminality tied to the Maduro regime.

In a statement, the Department of State wrote, “The Venezuelan people deserve a government that they have chosen freely and whose officials do not conspire with associates to engage in crimes of theft from the people of Venezuela, including money laundering to hide the proceeds of those illicit activities.  The United States is committed to helping Venezuelans restore their democracy through free and fair presidential elections that will provide them with honest and capable national leadership.”