Unfair & Biased – All Media


This is just a quick note from the USA Herald team on the news media.

There’s a general misconception that the News Media is supposed to be “fair and unbiased” in its reporting.   The fact of the matter is that nothing could be further from the truth as to how the media operates.

Let’s face it, the likes of Fox News, Breitbart, etc. have business and political agendas that swing right.

CNN, HuffPo, etc. swing left.

Behind these groups are big dollars and powerful people that have agendas.   These agendas steer the direction of their content.

We are no different here at the Herald.   We have our biases and while some believe that it is unfair that we cover their stories, especially when reporting on investigations,  we firmly believe that the value to the community outweighs the risks of remaining silent.

To that extent, we strive to ensure that all reporting at the Herald is accurate.   Should you ever believe otherwise, please report the article by contacting us here.   Make sure to include the link to the article and the details as to what you believe is factually inaccurate.

Thank you for reading The USA Herald.