University Takes Over Failing Public School District


Additionally, many public universities are surrounded by local schools in dire need like those in Muncie. It would be ironic for a school like Ball State, founded as a teaching college, to sit back and watch its local feeder schools closing or failing. Thanks to this innovative law, Indiana public universities can now repay their duty to their surrounding school districts. As Ball State relies on the City of Muncie to supply its streets, sewers, and feeder schools, Ball State can now step in and use its expertise to support the surrounding public-school systems.

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The question remains open as to whether Ball State could use its school management expertise in failing schools hundreds of miles away. Further, discussion must be had on whether a private school like Notre Dame could be put in charge of a nearby or far away failing public school system under this unprecedented Indiana law, but each of the possibilities is promising!


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Felix Rippy
Felix Rippy is a graduate certificate recipient at Indiana University’s Graduate School of Public and Environmental Affairs. Rippy is a writer and speaker on matters of public policy including public funding, campus speech and public safety. Rippy is a cum laude graduate of Harvard University (BA, History), he holds a JD and MBA from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business and the University of Texas School of Law School.