US Extreme Heat: Over a Third of Americans Affected

US Extreme Heat

Approximately one-third of the American population, equating to more than 100 million people, found themselves at the mercy of US extreme heat advisories this weekend. With a fresh week looming, it seems the mercury will continue its upward trend, setting new records in the process.

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Coast to Coast US Extreme Heat Advisories

Heat advisories were not restricted to a particular region but stretched across the nation. The south-west and some western parts were particularly affected, with Arizona, California, and Nevada bracing for even harsher conditions.

The National Weather Service (NWS) urged residents to pay heed to the US extreme heat, suggesting it could be “potentially deadly to anyone without effective cooling and/or adequate hydration”.

Outdoor activities were discouraged, with the public being urged to seek shade and hydrate. Extended hours for cooling centers were implemented in various cities, and emergency rooms prepared for an influx of individuals suffering from heat-related illnesses.

Record-Breaking Heat in Phoenix, Arizona

In Phoenix, Arizona, Sunday’s forecast predicted a blistering 118°F (47.7°C), marking the city’s 17th consecutive day with temperatures soaring over 110°F (43.3°C). Phoenix seems poised to shatter its own record of 18 days, set back in 1974, by Tuesday.