USPS Financial Challenges: Implementing the 10-Year Plan


For those reliant on USPS services, any facility closing is inconvenient. The USPS has adjusted delivery standards, extending the maximum delivery time from three to five days for first-class mail and periodicals. 

Despite these challenges, the USPS achieved its best service performance since 2018, but this progress has been accompanied by continued rate hikes.

Facing the uphill battle of overcoming losses and financial instability, USPS CEO Louis DeJoy remains optimistic about the USPS’s future.

 DeJoy emphasized the need for aggressive cost reductions, increased package revenue, and measures to combat inflation. These steps are vital to align the USPS’s financial ledger with its goals and ensure the longevity of its crucial services.

“Well, I am an optimist and I believe this is all achievable,” DeJoy added.