Victory for Iowa Pro-lifers


Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union threatened to sue the governor if she passed the bill.

Those who were opposed to the new law left coat hangers at the desks of the governor’s staff, indicating that if the law were passed, women would resort to unsafe practices in performing their own procedures.

Those who are pro-choice decry the legislation as a step backward for women’s rights. The “My body, my choice!” chant heard outside of the governor’s office as she signed the bill summarizes the stance of many.

The question for the lawmakers and the judicial system to decide now is, At what point does the fetus in a woman’s body become its own person rather than a part of the woman’s body?

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Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson is a political analyst who believes that even those who disagree with him still have the right motives. He enjoys telling a story from as many angles as possible in the hopes of getting it straight. With his superior journalistic skills and unique outlook, he's been a voice of reason in the political arena for over a decade.