Video of passenger subduing man who attacked attendant on United Airlines flight


Other passengers tried to calm him down. He continued shouting and jumped into the aisle with the broken metal spoon. And attacked the flight attendant. 

It took at least nine passengers to help the flight attendant tackle Torres to the ground. And he was finally subdued with zip ties securing his hands and feet.

Passenger Lisa Olson captured the footage of the incident and reported that the passengers were “very appreciative that they jumped into action so quickly,” of the men that restrained Torres.

Simik Ghookasian, another passenger who helped to stop Torres, said that “that guy was really strong and was really resisting.”

FAA reports unruly behavior increasing 

Torres was arrested after the flight landed safely at Boston Logan International Airport. Court documents reveal that Torres had attempted to make the spoon weapon in the bathroom during the flight and that he had tried to disarm the exit door because he wanted to jump out of the plane. He is due in court on March 9, 2023.

The incident is not Torres’ first encounter with law enforcement. He has a history of threatening behavior and was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in 2019.