Wagner Group Boss ‘Cut Off’ From Official Channels and the war between Wagner and the Russian army heats up


The founder of Wagner has been flooding the internet with gruesome photos of dead Russian soldiers to drive his point home. 

He urged everyone from “driver” to “flight attendant” to help him by simply saying “give ammunition to Wagner.” 

Prigozhin believes that if every Russian at their own level would do so, it would work.

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“We’ll make them give [us] ammunition,” he insists.

As a close ally of President Vladimir Putin, Prigozhin’s public disagreement with Russian military officials has raised eyebrows. And Putin has not spoken publicly about the spat between the massive Wagner Group and the official Russian forces. 

 It remains to be seen whether the Wagner boss’s latest attempt to pressure the government into providing ammunition for his fighters will be successful. For now, he can only ask for supplies through the media. And it is likely he will continue to do so.