Wall Street Analysts Say That Timing The Market Bottom Now Is a Bad Idea

Bull and bear , symbolic beasts of market trend
Bull and bear , symbolic beasts of market trend

Bullish investors are starting to worry that the US stock markets are turning in their favor, after a downbeat first half of the year.

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Fundstrat’s Tom Lee has argued that prices for equities have reached the bottom and say the summer rally on the major US benchmarks is on the road and will reach all-time highs before the end of 2022.

The S&P 500 surged 17%, and the tech-heavy Nasdaq has added over 20% over the past two months, as of this writing. 

However, Wall Street’s biggest names have another opinion about it. Prominent bank analysts have argued that stocks’ current rebound is just a classic bear market rally — when equities soar but just for a short time before resuming a long-term decline.

“Stocks are still not inexpensive, despite the bear market,” Bank of America’s Savita Subramanian, an equity and quant strategist, said in a recent research note.

“In fact, they are more expensive after the S&P 500’s 17% rally from its June low, driven by a drop in the cost of equity.”

According to analysts like Subramanian and UBS’ Jason Draho, now is not the time for investors to try to time the bottom, and disappointing economic data could send stocks through the mayhem.