What’s New Regarding The Bill Cosby Case?


While Bill Cosby’s most recent criminal case may have ended in a mistrial, the results of the upcoming civil court case remain to be seen. According to reports from CBS News, a California court has set July 30, 2018 as the court date for a lawsuit alleging that Cosby raped a teenage girl at the Playboy Mansion more than 40 years ago. The date for the case was set more than a year away because prosecutors in Pennsylvania will be retrying a previous case that resulted in a mistrial.

Judy Huth, the plaintiff and alleged victim, accused Cosby of forcing her to provide sexual favors in 1974 when she was only 15 years of age. While the retrying of Cosby’s criminal case will occur before the lawsuit regarding the events at Playboy Mansion, Huth has been very clear that those results will have no bearing on her decision to proceed with the lawsuit. Earlier today, her attorney, Gloria Allred made the following statement outside of the Santa Monica, California courthouse:

Ms. Huth is committed to this civil case, no matter the results of the criminal case against Mr. Cosby. It is not dependent on the outcome of the criminal case. She’s proceeding.

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