White Suburban Women voters are shifting to Republicans in 2022 


The Wall Street Journal reports that the most recent polling shows that white suburban women once known as “soccer moms” have shifted their support from Democrats to the GOP.

 Just days before the mid-term elections the key voter group is significantly moving to the right since the previous poll in August. They now favor Republicans in Congressional races by 15 percentage points. This represents a 27 percentage points move away from the Democrats.

Republican election prospects are rising thanks primarily to increasing concerns over the economy and inflation. 

The WSJ indicated it surveyed “1,500 registered voters by phone and text between Oct. 22-26 for the poll.”

Due to the survey size, there is a “margin of error of +/- 5.7 percentage points or 8 percentage points on some of the policy questions.”

 Swing voters are white suburban women 

In 2018, the women of suburbia helped sweep Democrats to victory where they gained over 40 seats and took control of the House. The voter bloc had given the majority to Republicans in 2010.