Senate Intel report says UFOs may pose threat to national security 


No one has been able to explain more than half of the UFO encounters in the last year. And in 2021 and 2022 there have been an increasing number of UFO sightings. This is one of the surprising facts outlined in the Senate Intel report done by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and submitted to Congress. 

The U.S. is acknowledging more than ever that UFOs, now known as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, need to be investigated.

NASA recently pulled 16 space scientists together for an expanded study of UFOs.

 We know that “they” are out there. We just don’t know what “they” are.

Senate Intel Report describes classified UFOs  

The 22-page report details 366 cases of UFO encounters in 2021. And alleges that more than 150 of them remain unexplained.

 In an interview, Daily Mail reporter Josh Boswell explains that “The sources that I have been telling me they just don’t know what these things are. You know, there’s a proportion of these cases, 366 in this classified report, that’s going to Congress probably tomorrow that are explained, that are Chinese drones, for example.”