WHO Unleashes Shocking Prediction of Future Cancer Cases


Data from the National Cancer Institute reveals cancer is a pervasive illness that far too many Americans struggle with. While some live on to defeat this illness, others unfortunately succumb to it. Of the various strains, the most common ones include lung, breast, and bronchus cancer.

Scientists have yet to discover a cure for this frequently deadly affliction. A medical advancement that wipes out cancer would be revolutionary, given the debilitating nature of this condition.

Sadly, all signs indicate that cancer diagnoses will get worse before they get better. Days ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) disclosed that cancer is expected to see a worldwide increase to the tune of 77% by the time 2050 arrives.

This doesn’t bode well

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a branch of WHO, announced just last week that ten strains accounted for roughly 66% of 2022’s total cancer cases and mortalities across the globe.

Lung cancer was common among these findings, while women’s breast cancer continues to increase. Women in less developed nations also remain more susceptible to dying from this disease, due to a lack of medical care.