Who’s eligible for the stimulus check? and other questions answered

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After nine months of failing negotiations, white house leaders and the senate finally reached an agreement regarding the second stimulus check.

The new $900 billion covid relief package includes direct cash payment and enhanced unemployment benefits, it’s set to deliver the needed relief for unemployed Americans, health care workers, and small businesses suffering from the COVID-19 economic impact. The package includes direct payments, up to $600 will be given to eligible adults and plus $600 per child dependent.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said: “It is packed with targeted policies that help struggling Americans who have already waited entirely too long,”

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The question is who qualifies for the $600 stimulus check?

Who’s eligible for the stimulus check?

Despite the fact that income criteria for the second stimulus check are not yet released, a family of four could receive $2,400. Individuals who earn up to $75,000 or $112,500 for the head of household and married couples who earn $150,000 can all benefit from the covid relief package.