Why is Gua Sha So Popular? Exploring the Top Three Appeals of Gua Sha


If you’re an active user on Instagram, TikTok, or other popular social media platforms, you’ve probably heard of the skincare routine known as gua sha.

Gua sha is a Chinese regimen that involves firmly scrapping your face in firm, set directions with a particular stone. This is designed to boost collagen, stimulate lymphatic drainage, combat wrinkles, and otherwise promote healthy, beautiful skin.

On TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube especially, you’ll find many video demos of the procedure. From dermatologists talking about gua sha to everyday people showing how to effectively gua sha your face (and other parts of your body), it’s no wonder that this skincare routine is so popular.

It’s very easy to pick up

Learning how to gua sha is as simple as doing some simple research, purchasing the tool(s) and oil(s) of your preference, and then getting started.

Many people – for their first gua sha session – actually follow along in real-time with the videos posted on social media. This helps them get a hang of how to gua sha. It also teaches them how to appropriately prep their face with oil and which directions to scrape with their stone of choice.