Will Bipartisan Extremism Compromise Midterm Elections?


As midterm elections get closer and closer, one opinion writer for The Hill is questioning the potential adverse impacts of extremism among Republicans and Democrats.

An Overview of Political Extremism, Potential Alternatives and the Upcoming Midterm Elections

First, the opinion piece sheds light on the importance of political messaging and connecting with voters. This, however, extends beyond Republican and Democrat voters. Independents and moderates are also listed as voters who should be taken into account. The writer continues by noting that polarizing issues that specifically appeal to Republican and Democrat voters can sometimes push away independents and moderates.

Another key theme in The Hill’s opinion piece is historical patterns. For instance, parties that have held Congressional power during midterm elections have historically failed to maintain said power. Therefore, the writer states that Republicans are facing a drawback; the Republican Party currently has dominance in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

In order to overcome the established drawback, the opinion piece advises Republicans to steer clear of issues that divide conservative and independent voters. GOP representatives are furthermore recommended to focus on the robust economy and avoid talks of special counsel Robert Mueller and the Russia investigation.

Meanwhile, Democrats are advised to steer clear of polarizing and controversial policies, such as Medicare for All and “socialized” employment. Ultimately, the opinion article states that the aforementioned policies will mainly appeal to hardcore left-wingers while alienating other Americans who may consider voting for Democrats in November.

The Fate of the Upcoming Midterm Elections

The fate of the midterm elections on November 6 is unknown. Both Republican and Democrat candidates are campaigning fiercely. Politicians on both sides of the aisle are hoping for their own parties to emerge as the victors in November.

Various hypotheses about the midterm elections remain ongoing: Americans have questioned whether or not calls to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement will hurt Democrats. Likewise, there are concerns about potential Russian meddling in the forthcoming midterms. Investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election are also still ongoing.

Jim Samuel

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