A Wish Come True for Donald – and for Me


This philosophy also extends into my business life. I have experienced multiple challenges – both professional and personal – and I believe that the best way to handle them is always to aim for the path that makes the world a little better. This includes not only people but also the environment itself. Waste disposal may not sound glamorous, but it’s important work, and we strive to find solutions that are good for the environment and the people who live in it.

Our solutions include green recycling and waste disposal methods. Conventional waste disposal involves burying trash or burning it, two things that have an adverse impact on our planet. Whether you believe that climate change is an issue or not, one thing is for sure: We need better methods to dispose of trash, especially given the global population increase and the speed with which the population continues to spread out into areas previously uninhabited.

To combat these problems, I have worked diligently to create affordable waste disposal solutions that are different from what many people are accustomed to currently. This is a good thing; we need different solutions. I believe it’s time that waste management moved toward solutions that protect the environment just like we protect our children and their future – because that’s exactly what we must do.

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Joseph Spiezio
Joseph Spiezio is the CEO of several waste management and environmental businesses in Yonkers and Mt. Vernon in New York. The Spiezio family is active in research and treatment for childhood cancers. They are also active supporters of A Wish Come True which provides wishes to seriously ill children and their caregivers.