Yoga Guru Arrested in Paris: Allegations of Kidnapping and Rape


Last week, French police arrested yoga guru Gregorian Bivolaru and 41 others. They are pending charges of kidnap, rape and human trafficking.

Bivolaru was already the subject of an Interpol warrant.

A reported 175 officers carried out morning raids on different locations of the group, often called Misa or Atman.

Twenty-six alleged victims were found living in “deplorable” conditions, according to police.

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MISA:  A Global Network

The MISA Yoga School, founded in Romania in 1990, has expanded globally, offering yoga courses in over 250 towns in Romania and 33 other countries. With an estimated 35,000 practitioners. 

Bivolaru’s network was initially named the Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute (MISA). In 1990 before it became known internationally as Atman – the International Federation of Yoga and Meditation, according to French prosecutors and a website for Bivolaru.