Former U.S. Ambassador Manuel Rocha Arrested in Florida, Accused of Being Agent of Cuba


The former U.S. Ambassador to Bolivia, Manuel Rocha, has been arrested in Miami, Florida, as part of a long-running FBI counterintelligence investigation. Rocha, 73, stands accused of secretly serving as an agent of Cuba.

The arrest comes after a criminal complaint was filed, and further details are expected to emerge during a court appearance scheduled for Monday.

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Allegations Against Rocha

According to insider sources, the Justice Department’s case against Rocha alleges that he worked covertly to advance the interests of the Cuban government.

Federal law mandates individuals involved in political activities on behalf of foreign entities within the U.S. to register with the Justice Department. Recent years have witnessed an increased focus on enforcing laws related to illicit foreign lobbying, indicating a broader crackdown on such activities.