YouTuber finds body in abandoned Wisconsin church


A Youtuber found a body in an abandoned Milwaukee building. The medical examiner said the victim had been dead for months. Authorities are looking for help to identify the skeletonized remains. 

On August 10th videographer Matthew Nunez and his crew were filming in an abandoned inner-city church.  Nunez is a YouTuber whose channel Urbex with Matthew 3 explores abandoned properties.

Locals claim that the old church near MLK and Burleigh has been emptied for well over 10 years.  “It’s been abandoned for many years, 15, 16 years,” Dellareese Williams, a neighbor who lives around the corner reported.

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 “Then to find out that it was someone deceased in there that had been away from their family and missing for God knows how long that’s really the heartbreaking part,” Williams added.

YouTuber “uncovering secrets”

Nunez notified the police of his unexpected find. And he posted a video of the YouTubers exploring the property. But he did not post any gruesome pictures of the discovery out of respect for any possible family.