Waymo Goes To Detroit


There are some associations that simply seem forever. Even if the cities of Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Detroit were to radically change somehow – years from now, they will still be known as cities for gambling, film production, and the automotive industry. It appears as though Waymo, one of the most well-known self-driving startups in the world, will be opening a facility in the area.

The move is historic, as this will be the first facility that is dedicated to producing L4 autonomous vehicles. The company will be spending over $13 million to revamp a facility that the company claims can bring up to 400 jobs to the Detroit area.

About The Move

Waymo didn’t suddenly decide to move to Detroit all on its own, as they certainly had some encouragement by the state. Specifically, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) will provide the company with a $8 million grant thanks to the decision. The deal requires that the facility open up by the end of 2021, and hire at least 100 new employees by that time.