2020 Democrats Lash Out at One Another


However, despite the normalcy associated with infighting during primary elections, Democrat strategist Andrew Feldman still has concerns. According to Feldman, Democrats should abstain from infighting to an extent which hinders their ability to take on President Trump.

In Feldman’s own words:

“A primary race is good for the party; we’re seeing real innovative ideas. At the end of the day, we have to make sure we don’t tear each other apart to the point where we can’t come back and beat Trump.”

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The Divide Amongst the Democrat Party

Infighting amongst the Democrats may appear standard on the surface; however, it could very well be indicative of a deeper issue amongst the left-wing. For quite some time, progressives have asserted that more moderate-leaning Democrats are problematic to the party’s growth. America saw this yesterday when the Justice Democrats slammed former Vice President Joe Biden as a “centrist.”

For better or for worse, there is a segment of Democrats who believe that their party needs to go further to the left.