33 Percent of Businesses May Leave After Brexit



Lloyd of London has announced that they will move their European Union headquarters to Brussels. This company that was created in England during the 17th century is on track to open their headquarters in Brussels during the first quarter.


Not only are large countries set to benefit from England’s exit from the European Union, but so are smaller countries. One of the largest companies to announce that they are moving operations to Slovakia is Jaguar Land River. This company who has been the largest car manufacturer in Great Britain insists that the move is not politically motivated. They already have a $1.3 billion facility in the country.


Some companies are choosing to relocate their headquarters to Luxembourg. Among them is RSA Group, who provides insurance in more than 140 countries under a variety of brand names. Other insurance companies are following them including AIG, Liberty Specialty Markets and Hiscox. 

Other manufacturers are stockpiling parts and supplies in case there is no deal allowing the government to delay Brexit. Among these is Bentley who says that they may have to close their Crewe, Cheshire, England plant for a while.