Calls for Bipartisanship Mount Following Government Shutdown


As the political climate continues to get uglier, more and more Americans are beginning to call upon government leaders to engage in healthy bipartisanship. One of the latest appeals for bipartisanship comes from House Democrat Rep. Josh Gottheimer.

The Case for Bipartisanship

The differences between Republicans and Democrats are no secret; each party has their own views on which policies and reforms are most beneficial to Americans. It also goes without saying that left-wing and right-wing views are ongoingly in conflict with one another. However, that conflict has reached new heights over the past few months.

In December, the United States government shut down after President Trump and Democratic leaders failed to reach a resolution on legislation to fund the government. The president maintained that border wall money is critical for immigration reform. Democrats, by contrast, have repeatedly denounced Trump’s promised border wall as immoral, ineffective, and wasteful.

At this time, the United States government is open. How long that remains the case is unknown. Lawmakers have until the 15th of this month to put forth bills to keep government open. As before, President Trump maintains that legislation which fails to provide border wall funding is unacceptable. House Speaker Pelosi maintains that none of the prospective bills will provide wall money.