33 Percent of Businesses May Leave After Brexit

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Almost 33 percent of businesses could move out of Great Britain following Brexit. According to the Institute of Directors, 16 percent already had plans to move while another 13 percent were actively considering it.

The Netherlands

The Dutch government says that over 250 companies are actively talking to them about moving their headquarters to this country. Two of the largest companies to announce their plans to move to the Netherlands are Sony and Panasonic. CME Group who operates a $240-billion-dollar-a-day short-term capital market says it is moving to Amsterdam and Cboe Global is following them there.


For over 182 years, P & O has operated their cross-channel ferries under Great Britain’s flag. That will no longer be the case. The company has announced plans to start sailing under Cyprus flags.


Over 30 banks, brokers and other financial institutions are set to move up to $900 billion into Germany in 2019’s first quarter. Several companies have indicated that they have an interest in moving their headquarters to Germany. Among them is Muji department stores. The Japanese fashion retailer who operates 12 stores across the United Kingdom says that they are prepared to move to Germany. JP Morgan is moving over $261.8 billion to Frankfurt.