48% of Independents Say Democrat Party is Too Far Left


Many moderates have echoed concerns of the 48% of Independents and presumably fall into the 1/5th of Democrats who view the party as too radical. On this week’s debate stages, moderate candidates stated that going too far left will help Trump win 2020.

Furthermore, the policies which faced the most censure from moderates included the Green New Deal, Medicare-for-All, and decriminalizing illegal immigration.

Progressives, by contrast, pushed back against moderate critics, claiming that bold reform is imperative for the American people. Candidates who lean further to the left than moderates also stated that their bold reform will energize the nation to vote against President Trump.

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Approximately 40% of voters are Independent.

The Face of the Democrat Party

Progressives are the collective representation of the Democrat Party. This is evident both in House caucus members and 2020 presidential candidates. Moreover, progressives such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are doing well in polls. Interestingly enough, frontrunner Joe Biden is the only moderate candidate with a substantial lead over his competition.