Trump Supporters Allegedly Attacked at Warren Event


Over the course of the Trump presidency, various Americans who openly back the current administration have faced pushback. In certain cases, this pushback is quite literally physical. Within the past two years, various videos of Trump supporters having eggs thrown on them, getting their MAGA hats stolen, and even having drinks poured on them have made the rounds on social media.

This form of political violence has not stopped with the arrival of the 2020 presidential election. In many ways, it’s actually worsened; new reports claim that Trump supporters allegedly faced attacks during one of Elizabeth Warren’s recent campaign events.

Everything You Need to Know about the Alleged Incident

The incident in questioned transpired on Thursday in Tempe, Arizona. Apparently, an unnamed male individual became involved in a physical altercation with Trump supporters and attempted to steal one of the supporters’ cell phones. The pro-Trump people reportedly traveled to Warren’s campaign event in order to protest socialism.

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