To Sell or Not To Sell – Ultimate Home Sellers Book Preview Section One

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My upcoming book Sold: Listing to Closing – The Ultimate Home Sellers Guide is an insider’s guide to real estate. I wrote it to give anyone thinking of selling a home the straight goods on what to expect. In the first part of the book the focus is on whether or not to sell in the first place and the things to consider as you make your decision. As we take a closer look at this section it should become apparent that the advice being offered is common sense, but as many first time sellers find the process a little intimidating it’s a guide that should be on anyone’s virtual bookshelf.

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Should You OR Shouldn’t You?

In the first section of part one the best reasons for selling a home are laid out in detail. They include: relocating, up-sizing or down-sizing, and financial stress. The key point here is to remember that selling a home is “a process, not an event.” Once the decision’s been made to sell, it’s important to ask the right questions during the process such as: when’s the best time to sell, what are market prices and trends like, do I need money to invest in renovations, and does the name and size of the real estate company matter?