50% Believe Biden Can’t Fix Current Crime Increases


At this time, it is a well and widely known reality that crime is up. Republicans know it, just like Democrats know it. The data is more than clear; furthermore, these increases in crime directly coincide with leftist elected officials defunding the police and releasing prisoners onto the streets.

The Biden administration has taken no real measures to fix the current crime crisis. Instead, they’ve lied and accused Republicans of defunding the police; President Biden’s also worked to push through more gun control restrictions.

Multiple polls from this month and last month spell bad news for Biden; now, a new study shows that half of the nation believes this president lacks the ability to curb the crime problem that surged under his watch.

Americans on Biden’s ability to rein in crime surges

Just yesterday, Hill-HarrisX came out with a new poll showing what the nation really thinks about the capabilities of the current president. According to Hill-HarrisX, 50% of American voters categorized themselves as “not confident” in Biden’s aptitude to handle homicide spikes.