2017 Drug Interactions Report: A Growing and Deadly Threat


It’s not uncommon today for you to take more than one medication at a time. What can happen when you do this is for these drugs to interact with one another. Even if you are taking only prescribed one medication and you mix it with an herbal supplement or an over-the-counter painkiller, you may risk drug interaction. This may lead to unwelcome side effects, less efficacy or increased action of the drugs. It makes sense to take time to learn more about drug interactions and how to help prevent the possibility of them occurring.


Researchers at the University of Illinois tracked more than 2,000 Americans with an average age of just over 70. In the survey group it was found that for every six adults, one was at risk of major drug-drug interactions. The researchers reported in JAMA Internal Medicine that they found 93 potentially harmful drug combinations, based on 40 of the most commonly used drugs and supplements. Fifteen of these were potentially life-threatening.

Varied levels of interaction

Some interactions are not as severe as others but may still pose some dangers by slowing down your reactions. This may happen when taking an antihistamine for allergies and a sedative to help you sleep or when combining drugs and alcohol.

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