Actor Jim Carrey Urges Americans to ‘Say Yes to Socialism’


On Friday, actor Jim Carrey publicly endorsed socialism, according to a Fox News report.

An Overview of Carrey’s Statements

The actor delivered his endorsement during his slot on the “Real Time with Bill Maher” show.

“We have to say yes to socialism — to the word and everything,” Carrey said.

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Carrey furthermore stated that Democrats ought to “stop apologizing.”

However, Carrey is not the first Democrat to publicly embrace socialism. Vermont senator and former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and House candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are some of the staunchest advocates for what they call “democratic socialism.” Of course, the GOP has largely pushed back against calls for socialism.

After Carrey’s remarks, show host Bill Maher also chimed in with his own support of socialism.

“But that word — the Democrats need to get a plan to fight this slander of, ‘Socialism, you’re going to be living in Venezuela,'” he said. “I don’t see it yet.”

Maher then rattled off a list of additional leftist policies which he endorses.

“Medicare for all, ending student debt, a different approach to the war on terror, ending mass incarceration,” he said. “It seems like if there is maybe a shining spot in this Trump tragedy, it’s made the Democrats sort of rediscover who they are.”

Democrats, Socialism and the Midterm Elections

Maher’s remark about Venezuela is a reference to right-wing criticisms against socialism. Republicans routinely say that many Venezuelans are living in extreme poverty as a result of socialist policies.

However, Democrats respond by pointing to other countries with socialist policies, like Canada. In his interview on Maher’s show, Carrey also talked about Canada’s socialized healthcare.

“I grew up in Canada, okay?” he began. “We have socialized medicine. I’m here to tell you that this bullsh*t line that you get on all of the political shows is that it is a failure. It is not a failure in Canada. I never waited for anything in my life. I chose my own doctors. My mother never paid for a prescription. It was fantastic.”

As the midterm elections get closer, Americans are speculating about whether open endorsements of socialism will truly benefit the Democrats.

One analyst recently advised Democrats to steer clear of divisive policies that may alienate nontraditional potential left-wing voters. Socialized healthcare (“Medicare for All”) and socialized employment are proposals that may excite staunch progressives, yet isolate moderate and independent voters.